Why Setting-Up a Mobile Home Office Best Fits WAHMs

Mar 05

Why Setting-Up a Mobile Home Office Best Fits WAHMs

While everyone is posting pictures on social media with a caption; “Eating lunch with my best bud in the office”, you can’t help but smile and look at your 5-year old son who is eating a sandwich with you. Yep, you’re working while having lunch at your dining table with your adorable toddler. For work-at-home-moms with their toddler as co-worker, they will surely relate to this. This is the reason why setting up a mobile office is important if you want your task done while looking after your child. There will be times when help is not available and you doesn’t have another option but to literally multi-task.

It is really a smart move to set-up a mobile office by choosing a laptop over a desktop computer. You also need to subscribe to a Wi-Fi internet connection that will provide you good signal around your house. With a child in tow, you certainly will not be able to stay put inside your home office to work.

Work at home moms surely has their kitchen, baby’s room, patio, backyard, and even the playground as working area. Bringing your laptop wherever your child go may surprised you of how much work you’ve accomplished even by just niggling bits and pieces of work from the time your child is busy playing up until you will already hear, “Mommy! Mommy!” while your child is pulling the end of your dress.

On the other hand, having an organized home office will save you a lot of stress. By putting in order all your work-related things, you will not be wasting time looking for things that you will need like USB storage or CD’s. Also, make sure to place it somewhere that your kids can’t reach. Setting-up a designated “play-area” in your home office where you can easily see your child playing is also a great solution to keep your child away from your desk. Place some of your child’s favorite toys to keep her or him busy. If possible, you can also include TV set where your child can watch cartoons or educational shows. (Even if experts say it’s not really a good advice to let them watch TV, with a situation like for WAHMS where work is a necessity, TV is sometimes the help you need.)

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