Walking Exercise is Good for the Heart!

Feb 12

Walking Exercise is Good for the Heart!

As an online worker, I know that getting a regular exercise is a must! *Research says that prolonged period of sitting in front of PC could be bad for our health. This is why my husband and I have decided to trying walking/ running exercise regularly. And we do it for almost 4 years now!

*Walking is a great form of daily exercise that can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Walking more than 5 kilometers once or twice a week can make me feel better, it feels like I’m sweating out all the toxins in my body.  A good sweat just feels so great especially in the morning!

Walking could be one of our bonding moments as well. Having at least one-hour ‘US’  time together is precious. We got to talk about anything and everything and we’re like, ‘dating’ under the sun haha, isn’t it sweet?

I also tried zumba and stretching. You can view different zumba dance workout and stretching techniques via YouTube. Mobility is what we need. So this kind of exercises would be of great help.

exercise with kiddo

Having a healthy lifestyle amidst my busy days and nature of work, wouldn’t be a problem at all. As online worker, it is important that we balance everything. The kind of work we got would give us illnesses if we don’t pay attention to our health. After all, we got all the time in the world to do some exercises right?




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