The Art of Re-Tweeting

Jan 18

The Art of Re-Tweeting

twitTwitter allows you to stay connected in real-time with your co-users through broadcasting short messages about 140 characters. This can be in a form of “Tweet” or “Re-tweet”. It may be some opinions, announcements, updates or links to other multimedia and websites.

In the event that you like the other twitter user’s tweet, you can repost it by means of “re-tweeting”. This way, you’re providing him/her some credit while linking your followers back to his/her Twitter profile.

How to Re-tweet?

Re-tweeting is very easy to do. If you like a tweet and want to re-tweet it so your own followers can see it, you can click the arrow that’s located on the right corner of the tweet. An additional frame will be opened which is also located on the right corner of your Twitter feed. It has several options to choose from but you can click the automatic “Retweet” button in order to copy the text of the tweet you want to repost.


Another way of sharing tweets is by just simply copying the tweet and adding the symbol “RT” and @twitteruser before the content  towards your blank tweet field and click “Tweet” to publicize it to your feed.



Is it okay to re-tweet without the “RT” tag?

You can copy and paste the tweets of others without the use of the “Re-tweet” feature but it’ll not give him/her the appropriate credit thereby, providing you a negative impression in return. The original owner of the tweet might even block you or un-follow you to her feed.


Finally, you can reference others or respond to other Twitter users’ posts by means of using @Replies. This is used when you mention a user by his/her name while typing your message next to his/her name. You can do this either commenting about subjects he/she formerly tweeted or directly toward him.

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