Pinay WAHM Blogger Turned One!

Jan 05

Pinay WAHM Blogger Turned One!

Whew! I know it’s too late to celebrate but forgive me, I have been so busy with work that I almost forget about my blog. But hey, I am still alive! Pinay WAHM Blogger is alive and kicking! Just having some issues with time-management but I hope I could still be active, crossing-fingers, LOL.

I just realized that my blog is one year old now. Haha! Yeah, kind of late to realize that because I renewed my domain name December 5, 2012. I have planned of giving giveaways on my first year but haven’t had much time to do it last December. Sorry about that! Having this blog is a great milestone for me especially for my online career which started year 2008. After all those years, I have learned a lot from this industry. And I would like to use this blog as an instrument to help fellow mommies earn from home.

So far so good! My ranking is quite good and I am happy with the results. Thank you dear readers for bearing with me. I wouldn’t be here without all your support especially for following my Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media sites to where Pinay WAHM Blogger is connected, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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