My Dream Home Office as a WAHM

Mar 27

My Dream Home Office as a WAHM

ofc1To be a successful WAHM, we need to establish a working area and this area can be considered as that “off limits” area for most of the time especially during deadlines. As I have been a WAHM for 3 years now and my son is growing up as well, I thought of creating my own space already. I dream of having a home office and I am seriously considering 3 types of them.

I am thinking of having a home office area that would create a professional ambiance but would require a big space. This home office would definitely include the following:

  • Large table – This is an office-like table, the one you would usually see in an office of a CEO in a big company. I just want a big space for all my stuff and it must be clutter-free desk.
  • Comfortable chair – Of course a big table deserves to have a good partner, an ergonomic chair will do to prevent from having back pains. Since I sit in front of PC for almost 12 hours a day, I got to find the most comfortable chair that will suit me.
  • Storage cabinets – It is important to keep files in a cabinet to avoid clutter, this would also add to that “professional” look.
  • Gadgets – This includes having a reliable desktop or a laptop which would never let you down, a reliable internet connection, telephone or cellphone, and other gadgets that are essential to your work as a work at home mom.
  • Whiteboard and cork board – Whenever an idea or a keyword pops out then you could write it on a whiteboard or a piece of paper and stick it on your cork board. This is a nice start in creating topics and articles for that next blog to post.
  • Huge Window – It would be better if that window were overlooking a green garden with a nice pool or an area that would stimulate your creative mind. A high rise home-office with a huge window view would be great. I want my office to get enough natural light. It makes the office happier and healthier working environment when the sunlight is pouring in.
  • Flooring and wallpaper – It is important to consider the type of flooring and the color of the wallpaper in planning a home office because this is what creates the ambiance of the whole area.


5408058176_62c44ee8e2_oAnother type of home office that captured my attention is a closet home-office. This is usually being set up if you have a limited space especially if you are living in the city (condominiums, townhouses, apartments etc.). The items listed above are still essential even if you have a small space. You would just have to carefully choose the furniture you will use. Instead of having a large CEO-like table, go for that space-saving furniture that is available in the market.

ofc2Lastly, I also dream of having a futuristic home office. The key to achieve this look is to choose fantastical futuristic furniture, having high tech gadgets, using time saving and energy saving devices, be minimalist and avoid clutter. I could sit, relax while focusing on doing my job. I got all I need with this futuristic ergonomic chairs right?

When designing or planning a dream home office we should remember that its basic purpose is to have an area where we can work properly and an area that would stimulate our mind and inspire us to finish our work on time.

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