Mother’s Day Celebration

May 15

Mother’s Day Celebration

bday celebMother’s Day celebration was extra-special because we got to celebrate my birthday and Maita’s (my sis-in-law) on that same day too (mine was May 14 and 15 for my sissy)! We really had so much fun. It was purely family bonding and enjoyment and that’s the sweetest thing of it all. I miss my siblings on that very special day though but technology has brought us even closer anyway so nothing to be sad about it lol.

May 12th, we got to enjoy some family time at the pool. We went swimming and Drexx had a great time. It feels good to unwind after busy days lol.

May 13th, we had sumptuous dinner at the Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City. The Mother’s Day Special Buffet was superb!

Here are some of the photos of our Birthday and Mother’s Day treat!

bday celeb2

 bday celeb3bday celeb5








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