Managing Freelance Jobs and Full-Time Job as a WAHM

Jan 24

Managing Freelance Jobs and Full-Time Job as a WAHM

laptopMoms who work from home has many advantages over working in an office.  This can provide more flexible timetable and become available to their children most of the time etc. Accepting more than one job is acceptable since you are the boss of your own. You have the options whether to accept freelance jobs aside from your full time job. However, being a WAHM means you should manage your work effectively to handle all the tasks and to balance everything from home.  Checkout some tips below.

1. Avoid from having too much distractions.

As a WAHM, it’s your top most priority to establish an office at home where you can do your responsibilities set out by your employer, a place where there are no distractions. Make also an agreement between your kids that during your work schedule they shouldn’t bother you so; it’s easy for you to finish everything on time and promise that you’ll have enough time for them to play afterwards.

2. Create a Calendar of all your To-dos.

You will never go wrong with a calendar or list of your To-do List on your desk. You can set priorities as you create task list to determine the level of importance of each task. By doing this, you will be in control of your life and meeting deadlines will not be a problem at all.

3. Maintain a healthy communication with your employer.

Communication is very crucial towards the success of the company even if most of the dealings are via the internet since this can provide a room for fewer mistakes. That’s why, to ensure that you complete all the tasks set out by your virtual boss you need to outline concrete goals where you can attain on a specified time-frame. Ask for extra time if you think you are going to miss the deadline. Make sure you follow the instructions. Give your Boss updates on the progress of the tasks from time to time.

4. Take advantage of your flexibility and avoid from over-working.

WAHM jobs are supposed to provide you great ease so, you need to establish a time for your work, your family, your friends, and especially for yourself because in this way, you’ll prevent from getting stressed out. Find time to rest and relax after work or even during a day’s work. A restful sleep or a midday nap may reduce stress and fatigue.

One golden rule: You need to have self-discipline and self-awareness so you can balance your work-at-home full time and freelance jobs and your own personal life at home and above all, learn to organize your schedule throughout the day and check them out once you accomplish each.

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