Introducing: The New Facebook Timeline

Jan 06

Introducing: The New Facebook Timeline

facebook_like_thumbFacebook seems one of the most popular social networking sites even from the time it was launched. It is an avenue where every person across the globe can communicate 24/7 and keep in touch with each other through status postings, newsfeeds and Facebook chats provided that there is an internet connection and any internet device like your PC, laptop, or your android phone.

To make even better, Facebook has now launched its newest feature which is the Facebook TimeLine to make it more enjoyable and convenient for everybody to relive their status, photos and videos they shared, and through these can able to bring together the most important and unforgettable memories they have shared between their friends. Moreover, with Facebook TimeLine you can now share your latest experience to your friends and families even if they’re thousand miles away.

What to Expect?

When you upgrade to Facebook TimeLine, you will have a “7-day preview” feature where you can review everything (posts, videos, photos, etc.) that come out on your timeline before even launching into public. Besides, it will automatically become visible to everyone after seven days and your latest timeline will change your profile eventually but don’t worry because all of your photos and stories remain unchangeable.

Likewise, it gives you the freedom to choose what to publicize in your timeline or the freedom to hide them and only visible to your close friends.

You can also now access its newest tool called the “Activity Log” where you can assess every post or activity you have since you first started to have your own Facebook.

How to Activate?

  1. Visit the Introducing Timeline page and browse at the bottom of the page then click “Get Timeline”. If you don’t see the page line, you can visit Timeline Apps page.
  2. After, you’re redirected to your preview timeline page.
  3. You can see at the top right corner of the page the two options “take a tour” or “publish your Timeline”.
  4. Well, you can click first the option “take a tour” to allow you to have basic information about the Facebook Timeline. Or if you click “publish your Timeline”, it will be live right away.

Finally, if you still have the conventional Facebook I guess make it one of your new year’s resolutions this 2012 to subject yourself to any change and enjoy the convenience of Facebook TimeLine.

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