Headache and WAHM

Feb 10

Headache and WAHM

ice packLike any other jobs either working at home or working in the office, we usually struggle in coping up with so many stresses chiefly of the responsibilities we have depending on our job descriptions.

In the case of work-at-home-moms today just like me, we have many headaches to cope up with in order to ensure that there is balance between tending our children and doing extraordinarily so we can fulfill our work-at-home responsibilities.

However, based on my experience as a work-at-home-mom I get so many physical tensions like headache. Though there are many causes of headache, still getting headache for me is common because I spend a lot in working with my computer and this can sometimes strain my eyes thus, causing headache.

That’s why, for WAHMS out there consider reading these tips to lessen work-related physical tensions particularly the headache.

  •  Make adjustments with your computer screen.

To reduce from too much eye strains, you need to adjust the screen roughly 15-25 inches far away from your eyes. Likewise, it’s important to find a way where you can read easily. The monitor should be within eye level to minimize neck tension and to provide convenience when reading.

  • Maintain proper posturing

To minimize work-related tensions, ensure that you maintain a good sitting position with proper lumbar support for your back and may have an armrest to reduce shoulder tension.

  •  Always take frequent breaks/recesses

If you can, try to have regular break time to stretch your muscles a bit. This can also reduce from getting too much eye strains thereby, reducing headaches.

Headaches and other tensions can be reduced if you allow yourself to rest in between your working time. It’s about how you manage your work and being WAHM is supposedly less stressful right?

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