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ATV to Mayon Volcano with my team and our American boss last July 2017



Very rewarding…
Time freedom…
More time with family…



This website aims to help Stay-at-Home Moms earn a living. My ULTIMATE GOAL is to help unemployed individuals especially Moms who strive so hard to make both ends meet. I want to see happy families with a good source of income with the help of the internet and a bit of dedication and willingness to learn.

Well, working online isn’t as easy as what you think though. However, as long as you got the right attitude, I know anyone can do what I am doing right now— working in front of my PC comfortably clad in a loungewear and earning not pesos but dollars (cough *humble brag* cough). 😀

I’ve been to different industries and I can confidently say that I’ve been successful in my chosen career. I have fulfilled some of my dreams and goals in life and still hustling hard and excited to achieve more.


With my boss, Jonathan from USA during his first visit in the Philippines, July 2017

It’s NOT an easy journey. I’ve experienced hardships and challenges – applying for different clients  and got rejected so many times. Clients come and go, that’s the reality. There is no stable income in this field because you can get fired so easily. But with determination and hard work, believe me, someone will find you and see your true value sooner or later.

I’ve been so lucky that I crossed path with my wonderful bosses from the US. Because of them, I found a better future in this industry. It was one of my biggest answered prayer. Now I am the Operations Manager (Philippines office) of a growing digital marketing company.


Lately, I’ve been thinking what’s my purpose in life? I still don’t have the answers but I would like to help my fellow Bicolanos get jobs and have a better life. I am happy helping some deserving people who have the talent and skills so I believe this is my purpose in life – to help alleviate poverty by giving job opportunities through our company, Cornerstone Marketing Solutions. This is something I call TRANSFORMATIONAL EMPLOYMENT.

Are you ready for a training? Read through my blog and you will find lots of tips, tutorials and stories on how to become a Work-at- Home Mom! Happy browsing!

Cornerstone Marketing Solutions – PH team! Managing around 17 Filipinos, to date.