A Sweet Farewell to Year 2011

Dec 30

A Sweet Farewell to Year 2011

Happy-New-Year21Farewell is part of our life cycle. It may have different interpretation- either a bitter or sweet farewell but what is important is that we keep on moving on for a brighter future, leave the past behind while carrying all the things we have learned, and above all continue your life with a good perspective in the present.

For me, saying goodbye to year 2011 wasn’t a bad idea after all since it has been good to me and to my family.  Some of my plans and goals have been achieved and eventually I felt good about it as I looked back in the past. Although my family and I have quite experienced several pitfalls or downfalls in some aspects of our lives, still we managed to keep going on like everybody does.

I have been a work at home mom for about three years until now. I have been thankful and happy with my current job. Continuously learning new skills in my chosen niche. And just this August 2011 I managed to launch my blog. I admit, blogging has played a big part in my life now. This has been my vehicle to finally express what is in my mind. And it is one big tool for providing assistance to all WAHM-wannabes too. Most importantly, was able to set-up a new business. The kind of business that I have been dreaming of.

The loving and most dear God is also good to us because of all the blessings that came to us as a family. I may feel overwhelmed with my successful career as a WAHM but twice or thrice joyous when it comes to my family’s wellbeing.

For this, I can’t ask for anything because my family and I have received so much and being contented is what I feel right now.

As I looked back for all the things that have happened this 2011, perhaps, I can put a smile in my face while waiting for the year 2012 to come.

Farewell isn’t bitter after all, one season fades yet one season blooms and a year bids goodbye but another year says hello for the new life to begin over.

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