A Negation on Why Being A WAHM Is Bad For Business

Jan 28

A Negation on Why Being A WAHM Is Bad For Business

wahm2There is a grain of truth that being a WAHM is bad for business. However, I believe that in this world there will always be two sides and that includes some gains and hitches, ups and downs, right and wrong so on and forth. The idea about stating that WAHM will not do well in business is the one side of the entire truth and does not even justify the whole thing.

According to Scott Stratten’s video, the President of UnMarketing, is pointing out that when “WAHMS” (work-at-home moms) are being marketed online with their business or their online job, this can pose a threat to them since they are somehow speaking against themselves about the notion that employers would not be reassured that they can’t do their responsibilities knowing that they have kids to attend to.

However, I strongly opposed with the idea that being a WAHM will never be good in an online business industry or any online jobs. The thing is whether they share or not about becoming a WAHM, it all boils down about the importance of qualities and skills including flexibility, self-awareness, self-discipline, passion, responsibility, commitment and values. It’s all about qualities and skills that employers are seeking and not our becoming work-at-home moms. The reason we share to the world that being a mom who works at home and takes good care for her children at the same time is to inspire other moms that there is financial future when working online.

It isn’t about marketing as being WAHMS that makes us successful with our online business, but it’s about our persona, expertise, flexibility etc. that employers seek from us.

Hence, WAHMS should be proud of their achievements and society must thank WAHMS for being productive despite the fact that WAHMS have kids to raise while working at the same time.

See the video here:

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